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chinese coach | table tennis tips

Hello table tennis Bulgari, drinks

Hi, I'm EmRatThich, vietnamese table tennis player. Now I live in France. With my friend (chinese table tennis player), we have learned together some tips and chinese philosophy about table tennis. I would like to share some of these tips for beginner players who want to improve fast in table tennis.

As I'm not a pro player, these tips may be not applicable to all of the level. If you are already at a very high level, you could find these tutorials not helpful, however I think it would be useful for beginner and early-intermediate player. In my previous videos, the quality of the coaching is not good enough (may be too simplified or not new for some players). I'm trying to improve a lot to give better coaching video for many new players. Feel free to comment or criticism about the video or technical aspects.

My purpose is to help new player enjoy more table tennis, as I always say to my young players:
"In Spin We Trust" ! tennis

Hope you enjoy the coaching video. See you next Sunday.
Best regards,

How to Improve Fast | Chinese Training | Table tennis best tips

EmRatThich писа

If you don't know how to train efficiently, correctly or you want to improve as fast as possible or you don't improve after years of training, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU. HOW TO IMPROVE FAST IN TABLE TENNIS.

Many of us have trained from years to years, but we don't improve or improve slowly. Why the Chinese kids just learned table tennis for 2 years and they improve so fast. Why? You also train in a table tennis club with a coach, but it seems your level can't grow up. Not many Western coaches know how to coach correctly. To improve fast, the coach and the player must understand the PRINCIPLES of table tennis.

Today, there are 5 TIPS/ADVICES that help you improve fast in table tennis. Take time and apply it in your training routine, your table tennis will level up quickly!


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